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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 19, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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back to our developing story. a disinvolvement m parlor that was announced yesterday and it is still in effect for four year-old boy. you're looking at live pictures and patterns in. just moments ago share officials announced that the car they pulled from the canal is not the car of the suspect who is wanted in the kidnapping of the four year- old boy. we had word from a
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witness that a car went into the canal matching the description of the card. the child's grandmother is a home or die if teams were in for tomorrow afternoon. they have confirmed that the car is not the one being driven by the suspect. it still leaves the case open and will location in powder said is 30 minutes south and the child was taken from the grandmother's home in paterson. the searcher of this day still continuous predecessors but whose name is gregory is in the fourth world wide. this is the car. the license plate number is six h beat w 4845 and did is
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a it silbert play of the corolla. there is a car like it in the picture. it doesn't cover the entire estate. they thought they were in heading for san jose. this is his picture of the left hand of your screen. he has family in san jose. we were told by it share officials his family through out to the state of california. the boy that is missing is juliana cardenas and this is a city of taken at a gas station preconceived and wearing a white shirt and a black and white checked light sweater with a black cap of some sort. this is the last video we have of the suspect.they know anyone that has information about him would be to contact officials and they are concerned about the formal ploys safety. will continue to follow the story as they go on with the newscast. at
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a bomb threat to scare, this is the scene yesterday. you may recall at this storage facility that the walnut creek bomb squad was called after a day it discovered it in us storage space is rented by a woman named to the upper school. she is taken into custody after an anonymous love them to that facility. she is arrested at that scene with two other individuals. the owner of that storage facilities showed where they detonated the pipe bombs. they talk about what the early signs were that cold may have been up to something. >> she had made sense of ensuring and leaving the promise. you cannot get in the unless you have a code any need to punch of code to get in and out. centel might who is on the property.
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heard a lot was a pretty extreme of coming and going. she had not been here for months and that is usually when people are moving so they need to make an extreme amount of trips in and out. it had not around any it likes yet. the second month we probably would've caught it and started wondering why. is someone is coming and going and enormous amount of time there u- shaped getting their dope and selling it. that is what that indicates. pompey >> narcotics indicators say that she did have drugs on her when she was arrested. she's also been charged with possession of an explosive device with the intent to injure. an officer involved shooting in san pablo. he shot and killed a wanted parolee and it happened alongside the road. not officer pulled the car over and the driver jumped out
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though the authorities say that the suspect had pulled a gun kept out of his waistband. and then shot and killed him. his band plays on the administrative leave. the suspect's name is not released. hundreds of not but state and placed rally for a better safety measures and this comes after a series of attacks by patients. but the flowers at the front gate are in honor of the progress. she is the psychiatric beds was strangled. several attacks have occurred since then including an attack on the therapist who suffered it as school structure. >> it is horrifying. i've been in a salt it several times. my wrist was a ranch during a take down. >> i was grabbed by a male client. by a male patient.
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all the physical aspect of the assault was not too serious that the emotional effect was great. >> i was struck in instead and my wrist was broken and i was forced to the ground where the victim continued to punish my head. at some play i blacked out. there was no police presence. we do not have enough police. >> they're calling for war employers and more staff. >> the city of livermore is about to change the speed limits of more than 25 the streets. jeff pierce and sounds of surprise is and how they determine those changes. >> the streets of livermore are about to get faster. it determined that to be in compliance 20 streets will need to have an increase of 28 5 mi. per hour. when did
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they meet today to hear about the changes have only themselves to blame. >> state law requires us to recommend it speed limits based on behavior. >> they needed to determine how fast their citizens were driving. >> they assumed a drive that is safe and reasonable speed. in fact they assume that 85 percent of the are generally driving reasonably and that is our starting quite. a >> if yet been exceeding that speeding signed yet made as a big contribution to raising another 5 mi.. if you have been handling the city streets at less than 20 you need to take responsibility for the streets that requiring the speed limit to be lowered. >> i look out side. this is traffic on the golden gate bridge, the bridges all sparkly as the sun goes down with traffic moving well and
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let us check the san detailed bridge. it is a different story. look at the back that up, as far as the eye can see. traffic is moving slowly. is clear and
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mild this evening. none expecting fog but winds should pick up in the north and east bay hills. the winds will glide down bidding to cooler temperatures, at temperatures wedding into the areas into the afternoon it will recover nicely. alatas 60s. i look at future cast. when line down into 5:00 tomorrow
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morning. temperatures will have time to follow up tomorrow morning. here's a look at what we're going to be seeing. up to 30 is up there, 39 in concord. 37 in livermore. 34 in santa rosa. google bit warmer and at the. fairfield looking to not to look the temperatures drop off into the afternoon. a lot of sex is out there is quentin nice sunny afternoon. 60 in san rafael. 66 and say rosa. 62 in fremont and 63 down in san jose. i'll look at your kron4 news seven day are of the bay for esprit chile, no fog, the fog will be wiped out. we will see sunny afternoons, mild conditions temperatures well into the 60s, it is clear to stay chile into the morning extensions in land but again warming up nicely into the afternoon. no rain in sight. stay with us will be read at
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up to this.
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the details of the presence of the lead since and china are selling guns to a state dinner. and now the guest, and the mayors of the oakland and san francisco. gene kwan and deadly. they mix it up with barbra streisand, jackie chan will look at the party. president barack obama told him let us make a deal. >> we want to sell you all kinds of stuff. >> the language may not have been diplomatic but they have been gobbling up chinese food by the decade's end it is time to return the favor. >> we want to site plans,
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all we want to sell new cars, we want to sell yourself or. >> the chinese leader said he will increase imports. china has also agreed to boost investments by several billion dollars. cable support them bite some 200,000 it dollars with jobs. president shrek obama says that the two companies will work together on human rights. >> i've been very candid about these issues. vocationally they are a source of tension. >> for his part they describe china as a developing country with the huge population that is going through a huge state of form. >> it still needs to be done in china in terms of right. >> we will continue to improve the life of the it
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chinese people. >> who tried as hard line on human rights has as a part with a base one dinner guest tonight. actor jackie chan was quoted last usa i've gradually beginning to say that the chinese need to be controlled. secretary of state is downplayed rumors that she is in line to move to the pentagon. mrs. clinton says that she and ed meyers secretary robert gates as says that she hopes he stays in the job of a long time. gates may step down. as far as i know these are just rumors and am happy to say where i am. as a definite from the joe lieberman. they say he will retire next year. he has spent four decades in the senate in which he of all from the democrat to the independent senator. north dakota says that he will not
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seat reelection in he wants to spend more time working on ways to reduce current deficits. he rang said it was a terrorist attack as the central affect facing the nation. back here at home waiter's says that 81 years old and he gave a news conference yesterday. is all about the coaching situations and there were a lot of questions that came up about his health. kron4 news reporter it was here. he certainly was other to a dump site. >> we have wondered about his health. we have not seen him in the report like the and father time is undefeated. sees as his, you saw him from. i thought, let's just take look at this. 60 months about the infamous projector with the press conference where he threw the coach under the
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bus and they had the letter and all of that. 60 months later after he kept it he let go and yesterday with notes that cleared he explains why it timetable was shown at the door and then he goes after everything. the wife abuse, the lawsuits the bears think the organization. he really knows how to show as a group. >> he would have thrown him out without any money for what he did to the raiders with the initial stuff. with cancer and it supposedly he had admitted that he had his white and things like that. it is public record so i can say it but there are things that i cannot say because of legalities. but, there is no way that he can come clean on this. he knows what he did. >> if you made the playoffs
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would he still be here. the answer is " no " he knew he was through. >> what was your reaction when com cable place said we are not losers anymore. >> he had been in pro football 20 years. he had been with the winning team for three years. i did not like this statement. somebody took it and they used it. i'd never liked it. we're not lose is sending more. if that is not being of this are in our world that i do not know what is. >> that is never been my goal. >> i was doing as you listen to this conversation is there any part of the the wonders what the heck you're getting into >>. no, and obviously in (laughter) not whole thing
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with me is the future. the future is now. >> how long until we see again. nos. we will see. >> quick checkup. and no news know to talk about. 83 of the bay, 67 runs open. heavenly is 65 that the bay and sugar bowl is said and did the days with 94 runs (be confined more on all ski resorts.
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he will not have to worry about turn around cash or curse. >> the company just let it i new mobile out application on your phone quiet coffees. this is how you use it. it is tied to it starbucks existing card use it so you will need to load it with a
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debit or credit card. when you order the card you just fire up this act and the seat the bar code. it's can sell on the screen to pay. you and your load and the card through the application. it is a free application but it is only available for it black prairie or at bones. >> how safe is the idea of using your mobile phone to purchase things. kids like is as tips on safe shopping. >> star gets is not that first. we will see it at bay it change. securities want you to use your phone to pay for everything. by 2013 you a bill to pay it with your phone for virtually everything such as this technology is taking place as our phone is our new knowledge. is it safe? it can beat you do need to
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protect yourself. the biggest danger is leaving your phone some more word is picked up with bad intentions. they can rack up charges with your account. it is like losing wallace and make sure you have your phone want at all times. make its you up and tear up password to get past your home screen. that is not a guarantee. these can get around it. almost every smart phone has of white clean future. if you do lose it you can't wipe it out. wherever your phone is it will automatically be a race clean. talk to your carriers and see if they offer a feature. it is worth the extra money it will cost. most of all if you start doing mobile payment remember that your phone stores all of that information so do not lose it. treat it like your wallet and guarded very
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closely. game slate for kron4 news >> as the sun goes down it is pretty clear skies. the score to get chillier overnight. i will have details coming up the news at 6 is coming up.
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now, at 6:00 p.m.. it is a danger in the sky with a number of laser is pointed airplane cockpits is soaring. we'll say the damage they can do coming up. >> the governor's proposal to wipe out development issues has officials racing against the clock to in new projects approved >> through coming up> knew the details of when the arizona shooting district will be heading to houston. china's president breaking bread with obama. what they discussed today and why the visit is sparking a rich. >> live, this is kron4 news
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ed 6:00 p.m. with developing stores. >> and the and roller is our developing story tonight at 6:00 p.m.. they searched the canal which is just 30 minutes south of tracy in spanish love can do for the car that was believed be used by the suspect involved in taking the missing child. this is some video of them and in front of the it officials printer newscast it was reported but they are reporting for is it not this court. this is the type of car that they're looking for. a 2003 and targeted it corolla. the license plate number of the suspects are a is 6-8 that it should be punished aleut-445. if you see his picture and investigators are saying that the child was kidnapped by his mother's ex-boyfriend, 27 year-old
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writer is. the picture is on the right. maureen kelly is gun to explain what they have been doing since the alert for district. >> he was snatched from his grandma's arms a 415 on tuesday afternoon. >> i read side. i asked him for help. i was screaming. >> the suspect is rodriguez. he had approved his relationship but is not the biological father. immediately and ever alert was issued. broadcasting information about the card the pair was believed to be traveling in. a silver toyota corolla with license plate reading is six h b w 445. at 5 08 p.m. but the it share for each out and they believe that the pair may be headed there because the suspect's mother lives there. she has since been
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contacted and it was determined that neither the suspect or the boy was there and the hunt for them and goes a wide. maureen kelly for kron4 news >> this is not the first run in with a lot for the suspect. according to the paterson police department he has several prior conditions including federal manslaughter beckoning to 99. driving under the influence and unlawful sexual intercourse. they will continue to cover this story at the 11 and don kron4 news. com. laser danger. is one of the top airports or someone from the ground was pointing at least at the cockpits of planes. the san jose airport is as they tied for third place with 80 incidents. only in chicago and lax had more. nationwide the number of laser events have doubled
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with more than 2800 events. kron4 news christine call in shows as the police and puts the safety of the planes are risk and could permit the damage up plans eyesight >>. here are some lasers that they compensated. it is for green lasers that are tied together and aimed at a helicopter. . the metal will annually see for a small plot. alicia's see what they look like one. them towards the camera. the leg gets refracted much wicked as an airplane cockpit. if you turn up the lights in this room you concede it looks like in the dark. the result is blinding. they had this happen to them. here is his experience. >> it typically blend's ec cannot see that the horizon. and depending of the intensity of the laser would be of a motion goggles are not it could it be as second
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or less a minute or two. >> there so dangerous that they have damaged the eyesight of the pilots. and them is a disease is going to the store. >> there were 3-$400 but now they are available for it being cheaper to >> bye. and christine connally for kron4 news all >> seven east bay schools have been put on the short list. they're trying to save $1.5 million. kristin, is alive and she has the latest. >> parents are here to learn why. why did their school and up on this list over other schools. at kentucky that this meeting is actually talked at this point. and when to roll some video. this is just a
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fraction " of some people who had showed up. cannot even get in the theater anymore to hear the presentation, that is what i did it is. there are seven of these schools that are on the list of possible closure's but relate what is going on is trees in areas. each of these in areas of three schools could be closed, parents are very upset saying that they are closing down some performing schools in the district. >> it is really frustrating. i really want to see what the actual data set is about saving money to close the school. to close any school there is factors and expenses. we are really interested to see what the data looks like. does it really back up that position? >> you do not close down your highest performing organizations. you look at what makes them successful in your relative to other
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departments. you emulate those type of decisions. it is difficult to accept that a want to close down a high performance school. >> so what is going on right now is that people are revealing of the rankings that these schools have been given based on a number of criteria like how expensive it is to run the school. how many students are going to the school. that is what parents are learning. the lowest scores are 4 that they're looking to close. this is really have a final decision that will be need to be made quickly. after this meeting tonight is just a couple of weeks into the a couple of february when the district decides what schools will close. reporting live in walnut creek take on sen. >> i new district attorney has been sworn in. live with details is wrong. >> it is official now. jefferson is now the
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district attorney here in santa clara county. he was sworn in just moments ago. that is him. he is in the rotunda at san jose city hall. he took office to go and a few minutes before that i had a chance to speak with them as he was greeted by just about everybody affiliated with the criminal-justice system. santa clara county. he will recall that at the switch into office assisted bill lawrence car he's promised to reopen the cold can is opened here. he will also revisit the d'angelo case. as some of the difference between his case and the other ones were. >> we will devote our resources to solving recent crimes in old crimes that been committed. we're going to focus on integrity which means having the best practices of both justice and law enforcement and we will be very aggressive and
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prosecutions as well. >> once again his model service, integrity, transparency and hard work, at his word out here it live from city hall. kron4 news it >>. no fog over night. and for the next three days either. take a look there said forecast. but take a look at that plus the warm afternoon want to go back to
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the developing story. and then broiler. this happened yesterday ibm earlier is contending today where officials have been searching in an area in paterson where canal is located about 30 minute miles south. a car was pulled from the canal of matching the description of the suspect's car. in this case a turned out it was not
6:13 pm
his car. this is video from earlier in the car is being pulled it through the it emergency scenes. we're not getting word that the other items are being pulled out as well. we want to get an update from the county sheriff and we have brought same on all of us. what else have you pulled from the canal? >> so far nothing other than the car but there is a process in which research the canal we lowered cables from one side to the other and the cable is draped across the floor, the ground of the canal. the first time eight catches for every time it catches are snakes we go and see what the object was. the first time it was a chunk of concrete, the second time was the vehicle that they pulled out earlier and as their plan at the vehicle appeared to regain the big cable afford to get added to the lake and in the process of the cables
6:14 pm
snake on another item. the coz of the process of setting up a cable the investigators and the bad teams have decided to enter back into the water to figure out what the third object that the cable has attached to it and figure out what it is. that is the process right now they're getting right to re-enter the water and investigate. >> to have reason to believe that there could be a connection for this part of the canal and it never? >> absolutely. the witness that reported seeing the the vehicle in the car and the physical evidence of that tire tracks that were leading into the canal. the timeframe in which she witnessed the car going into the canal which was about 5:00 p.m. yesterday and the
6:15 pm
time of the incident which was shortly after 4:00 yesterday. in the proximity of location of the kidnapping to the location of the canal is only a few miles subrogate all of this back together we have a strong belief that it is nice to if to know that we have this car possibly being in the canal can be very likely. >> but the car that you pulled up that we have a video of is not to the suspect's car correct? >> correct. this area, the road that runs along the canal it is mere toddler for criminals and the is to discard still in vehicles into the canal. there is a chance that there is multiple vehicles in this canal. there could be a chance of another vehicle coming up that is not our suspect vehicle. >> how long are you going to be continuing this search? are you on the scene?
6:16 pm
>> i am on the scene. they want to determine what this object is that the cable is attached to. it is another vehicle will continue to investigate it. if it is something other than a vehicle say, debris or contractor trait that search will be called off and the area will be secure with officers throughout the night and this search will continue tomorrow. >> are there other clues tied to the member a list that might take you and other directions that we've not heard about so far? for >> now that we know it. this has been and that most incredible source of information so far. we are pursuing it the way we are because of that. we still have investigators followed up by other least as the general public keeps calling in about possible settings. it is still active and we want the public to know that there is a chance that are suspect might be out there
6:17 pm
of >> team describe the other leads to us? >> they're very generic. and a description of the car, somebody match and the suspect description at a grocer's store. at a hospital. there are reports coming in from various in sacramento, southern california and. wendy's or reports in coming in and began send our report is not to follow up we will when and if not we will all lot with the witnesses to see what they saw and how did they see it. >> officers are saying that because we aren't showing of this surveillance video, the last note video of the suspect. is there other video of him any other location? >> not that i know it yet.
6:18 pm
they're working out say today. several other sources. i cannot believe it any of their video has shown up yet. >> ok officer, thank you for your update. the search is continuing. this is about 30 minutes inside tracy, the canal, at the car was pulled from the canal that resembled a suspect's car but it did not turn out to be a match. the ever let it still in effect. for year- old julia neck readiness. the suspect is named jose rodriguez and they're looking for a 2003 silver plated a corolla. will be right back with more days praye
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turning to the state budget crisis, and demarest agencies face drastic cuts. one proposal calls for wiping out redevelopment agencies across the state. tonight and crewman has it
6:22 pm
been formation >> this center of the arts were funded with redevelopment money. so is your shoes complex. the affordable as thing upstairs. the concern is that if the governor concern goes forward projects like this one it will not get built. this is why various redevelopment issues threat this day are moving quickly and so they can go forward. stan perlman for kron4 news >> fremont sit redevelopment issue has ok and the bart station and park and street improvements. there to downtown parks, a downtown
6:23 pm
structure, apart stock and sidewalk improvements. and affordable housing. their meeting in emergency session for the acquisition of land in san jose. >> i live look insight from our mount tam can breeze deconditions in fairfield. into the overnight hours with guests and in the range. breezy and spots. it is going to lead to somewhat chilly temperatures. sandy and mild conditions. 39 and
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at the end in san rafael. 37 in livermore. a little warmer in fairfield because the winds are expected to stay up there overnight. low forties for our nation is in the south bay. 60 in nevada and a couple degrees warmer, less 60s expected. 63 in san jose. no-fault expected tonight. we'll keep the 60s in the forecast. >> arizona congresswomen was it a shot in the face and has recovered enough to beat.
6:25 pm
>> there's a portion of the tape regency very clearly that the suspect comes out of the door. >> richard katz the chart clearly shows jarrett lop nor as he opened some fire in a mall parking lot. >> he walks the rugged table, a collapsible six the table and he does so with significant purpose. he walks up to the congresswoman and pointed gun to her face and shoots. he was within 20-48 in. of the weapon. >> he then opened fire on bystanders killing six people and wounding a dozen more before subdued while
6:26 pm
trying to load. police arrived minutes later. >> their citizens already holding him down side put my knee in his back and pulled out my hand cuffs. >> he offered no resistance and no explanation. >> delete the he said after that was " likely that it. " he said that a couple of times >> prayed her husband say is that her doctors have been surprised with resilience. >> she is tough. they've seen how tough she is from the time that she should appear in the emergency room and that that she is today. i am certain that she will be back stronger and ever.
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at a lighthouse of formal state dinner is being held.
6:30 pm
president and present our of, are in deep the oval office. who would admit that it needs and to have a lot done on the issue. the protesters are rallying and many the protesters are wondering who hogget the issues of human rights over tibet. president to it is on visit after the meeting at the oval office. there'll be an elaborate state dinner in his honor on wednesday night. that is happening right now. he is on a four day visit to united states. we'll be right back.
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now at 6:38 p.m. to night's big stories and one big block of news. workers, more and stories. >> are developing story is the emperor of their agenda for grow quite taken from his mother. you're taking a look at video of the abandoned car that was found in paterson. sheriff's told us during our newscast that it is not linked to the kidnapping of the trout you see on your right. the four year-old boy was kidnapped on tuesday and u.s.-from his grandmother's arms. this this surveillance video you are looking at now of the suspect who is expected of taking of a child. he is the ex-boyfriend of the trial. he has a criminal background. the number of there is still in place this weekend. the sheriff's
6:34 pm
department to will remain at the canal and continuing to search for any possible clues with the boys appearance. the canal is said to be a popular place for criminals to discard bodies. >> continuing our coverage the suspect's mother lives in the area and there's a strong possibility the pair could have been coming this way. the did contact the mother and handed it these suppliers with the legend of it. >> and another big story of the faa has released the number airplane strikes had by lasers. it has doubled to 2800. it is by smelt since they the 200 laser events. in 1993 in the nation for
6:35 pm
the heisman it. i christine calling for kron4 news. >> in walnut creek expected to lay out twice other schools today trying to say three some areas. each of them would close the three schools of peace. why these schools and been picked to be reporting from walnut creek kate thompson. >> and pachinko discovery of pipe bombs have identified the people they believe is responsible. >> deborah cool, we have seen more of a nation that likes to to it.
6:36 pm
>> she's been charged with possession of an explosive device and possession of methamphetamine. >> end up but i am at napa state hospital where hundreds of workers took part in an noontime rally for the employees. this came after hundreds of cases of patients have been insulted workers and the killing of lenders by patient last october. there asking it department of mental health to up more employees and police presence and a better monitoring of alarms and for patients who the potential for violence. >> our state whether it story today it will be the winds. the winds are picking up in places like fairfield and the north and east bay hills. the teams in san francisco and not bottom out. you concede the winds through the evening. with a crystal clear skies and that will continue into tonight.
6:37 pm
no fog. it will begin be in spots. colder temperatures expected. mostly sunny and mild and another chilly may on top foresters say. very similar weather patterns. i check on your smoke, no news now to talk about. we have dry conditions to next week and and a fair body is 67 runs up and. it heavenly has 65 with 95 runs (sure will is 98 runs open. for information on the ski resorts and other including discount left is at website. stay with us. will be right back.
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wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the here in wren who killed a bicyclist. it is one of the dangerous
6:41 pm
streets for bicyclist and pedestrians. stanley roberts takes a look at some changes made and what drivers are doing now and the condition of people behaving badly.. >> this is an islamic state. to pedestrians and bicyclists it is and say. it is a residential area. the average speeds are at 40. residents of various safety groups have planned changes to make it safer for everyone. the city put up all of these markers on the streets. this one is due to remind drivers of their speeds with hopes of slowing down. but, watch this. some streets are still topping over the posted speed limit. it is so dangerous that many choose to ride on the sidewalk instead of the street. it is a challenge to ride in the street. it is just as bad for pedestrians.
6:42 pm
much of this driver goes around the man in the crosswalk. and there are still a lot of red light runners. so until somebody proposed it changes are made there will be problems. >> give a comment or as story e-mail us. gary ravages up next. could the is be a contender this evening. coming up next.
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good evening everybody, the it giants, the is in making moves. billy be acquired brian fuentes. the fourth time all-star site for a couple of years. he will be the closer of the bullpen. he led the american league a
6:46 pm
couple of years ago with the angels. he pitched most of his career in colorado. say what? sergio kesia. he's coming back to the giants. $1.3 million. yet a real nice season that you don't hear a lot about him and so it of for a very good price of $1.3 million. oh, good gosh, kenny by grocers up. the line is always very good price. $1.3 million. it is great to find him back. he's not to that of a slider.
6:47 pm
later news is rather mundane periods at miller, the press conference says that it is a very smart young man, he is going to go to the pro ball. he is going to replace the san diego. richard seymour is already packed up and he was named the all-star game. breaking news. we will wait a couple of minutes ford. jerry jones says added to the tight step. he's a takeover defense. robert with pulling walks up and down the sidelines to is working for the cleveland it rounds and his brother of course is now
6:48 pm
front and center. probably the most popular guy in the football league, his older brother is the coach of the york jets and jerry jones is going to host the super bowl. he is selling outdoor seats now. you will not get to be inside for the super bowl but you can at least watch people walk and. $200 pam. $200 for the super bowl if he wants to get 100,000 people to watch the super bowl, it is something that has not been done since 1987. as you will remember the denver broncos it early in the career of the giants. down in the rose bowl. $200 and you can just sit there and watch somebody walk by and say " not going in? " what is that? there will be a television to watch out side. that is disgusting. you might laugh the like a
6:49 pm
good party >> party is on. he should be paying them $200. >> you could meet some nice people? we pay $2 to sit outside and see people say " sorry " going in " >>, love and the is headed to new jersey and now the impression the owner of the mets is supposedly the second richest man of russia. he it says he has had enough. in other words he does not want to come. i am surprised that everybody is going back and forth. then along very interested in carmelo m. anthony. the deal is always been, he is a native to baltimore. he went to go play for the york knicks. his wife is the former and tb and swans returned wake the kids
6:50 pm
reach and she has given up. the warriors want to give up their streets vs. indiana. here we go. the warriors, this is a chance, i do not know about the playoffs but they're not bad. the sound from dave lee. >> you know gun at the miami lakers and they've had some pretty severe winds. they could shoot the ball from every position and we bring the best game. do not overlook them. i think that we can come out with the wind. >> the indiana pacers are the team in question. this is the thing different just gave me, breaking from australia. the market a shot of her? >> it is really interesting
6:51 pm
for today. i got here before burn but i do not contact. berne judge >> alright. >> were discovered to be from billy bean. he just got a text of billy bean who said how are you going to do it this year and billy said if we work hard be should be just fine. >> can you imagine that? " it is just talking we've got the teleprompter and monday made the middle of my radio show in the producer of the kid comes in and says were just treated. >> (laughter) >> bird and i have argued about this. vern has a baby and one of his sons could same class said to be added. he says " we guess, pulling over now. " >> nobody cares about him more than i did but you care
6:52 pm
that he needs gas? >> people care. >> he needs gas. even pam wants to say i'm with. but i'm turning it on incurred. honestly, your day at the grocer's store. i discussed it to pete and he is pulling in. jackie, just please run the highlights, this just did. venus williams is rolling here, 6-7 and 6-4, and sister serena is taking us off and i'd thought i'd just got to add to keep from bud collins who said " ms. serena, she is injured tissues taking this off. all right, believe it or not the it competitor was injured but came back there and wind. venus williams, need
6:53 pm
for treatment but loses a tie-breaker, to our credit she came back. roger federate won his many so gives a reading credit, she was injured she came back. you are the star, i'm not going to come up with a 100 percent but she came back. you put your head that you started treating appeared before the end of the story. we will take a quick break. i am going to treat. i will be right back.
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6:56 pm
all right, pga it all begins next week. tiger woods is going to play his full tournament. vertexes athletics announced today, i love you have to stop for this. 20 years, $300 million. espn is paying them to televise all of their sports. basketball games, all of their football games, some baseball games, all of this sports. 20
6:57 pm
years, $300 million deals and remember, the athletes get this. >> the night everybody.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the battle is on. as to who will replace regis? we're in front of the news. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. >> "the insider" is on. >> going to have to be somebody who is going to be there every, bloody morning. >> nobody could take over for regis. >> kelly's husband. >> jeff probst. >> regis on the record today about who may be gunning for his job. >> it's not by decision. i want "the insider." >> and "the insider" reunion. >> together again. >> wow! did sarah palin's husband cheat on her? the new allegations. howard stern's slam. on oprah and leno. >> jay is crook, and the whole world knows what he's up to.


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